Crossing traditional boundaries between landscape and urbanism, I aim at integrating natural processes and urban dynamics into sustainable spatial strategies.

After graduating from Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture, I have been developing big-scale studies and projects at all levels at kcap architects and planners in Rotterdam and Zurich. I was first involved as a landscape/urban designer in dutch big scale urban projects (Warande, Meerstad-Groningen). Since 2005, I have been extending kcap work range and practice towards France and Switzerland, both in architecture and planning field, building up and leading international teams (Eco-city Danube in Strasbourg, PACA studies in Geneva, ZAC Balma-Gramont in Toulouse..).

Since ten years, I try to combine action and reflection. While designing and developing studies and projects, writing and teaching have been a continuous enrichment to my practice, and I hope to have brought an exciting and broader view on landscape and urbanism to students from Delft, Lille, Amsterdam, Versailles or Zurich. Head assistant at the chair of Professor Christophe Girot since 2008, I developed design teaching programs, workshops, publications and research projects, with a strong focus on water landscapes and flood risk strategies in metropolitan areas.

Following 15 years experience as a landscape and urban designer, I am currently devoting my time and energy to a 3-years research at the ETH, supported by Swiss National Science Foundation. This research investigate contemporary design approaches of flood risks in Landscape Architecture through case studies and design experiments. Various cases investigated in Switzerland, Holland, France and Germany, show new developments regarding natural processes, and show that when flood risks becomes an inherent part of design and planning, it can lead not only to a safer but also to a richer and more sustainable living environment.

Frédéric Rossano-Leyendekker