2013 La Rade, competition for a Lakefront park and public space, Biel [CH]
2011-2012 Urban design for Brazza Nord former industrial area, Garonne right riverbank, Bordeaux [F]*
2010 ‘Ecoquartier Danube’, competition for a sustainable neighborhood, Strasbourg [F]*
2010 Urban design for the sustainable neighborhood Vidailhan in Balma – Grand Toulouse [F]*
(Sustainibility Award for quality of life – French Ministery of Environment 2011)
2010 Development plan for Le Faisceau area – La Défense, Paris [F]*
2009-10 Development plan for the region Genève-Eaux-Vives-Annemasse [CH-F]*
2009 Public space design for the Irish Glass Bottle Site, Dublin [IE]*
2007-10 Design of a Low Energy Office building in ZAC Seguin-Rives de Seine [F]*
2006-09 Design Housing building Euralille Le Romarin (FR)*
2006-08 Urban design and supervision ZAC Balma-Gramont – Grand Toulouse [F]*
2006-08 Redevelopment plan for the Fort d’Aubervilliers and surroundings [F]*
2005 Architectural study for Olympic dwellings, Paris 2012 [F] *
2003-05 Development plan and building regulations for the city center of Hoofddorp [NL]*
2003-04 Masterplan for the Gent X-Po site [BE]*
2003-04 Gardens of psychiatric clinic of Kaiserslautern [DE]
2002-04 Masterplan for 4000ha lake and urban extension Meerstad Groningen [NL]*
2000-04 Warande, masterplan and urban regulations for a 8500 dwellings neighborhood*
2001-03 Redevelopment plan for Post-war neighborhood Overvecht Noord, Utrecht [NL]*
2001-02 Development masterplan for urban extension Almere-Poort [NL]*
2001 Highway territories, winning entry Europan 6 competition, Lyon-Vénissieux [F]
1999 Restructuration of public space network in Ivry-sur-Seine Nord [F], Atelier Schmit
1997 Garden competition for Jülich Landesgartenschau (DE), 3d price
*conducted/designed for KCAP Architects and Planners, Rotterdam/Zurich