Meerstad Groningen, the Netherlands

Meerstad_diagramsProject designed @ KCAP architects and planners

Landscape and urban masterplan for a 3.500ha area east of Dutch northern city groningen.

Meerstad was elaborated with landscape architect bureau alle hosper, for a wide range of commissioners including ministeries, municipalities, province, water company and private developers.

Integrated thinking and open plan process allowed to combine the different expectations : a mixed construction program including 10.000 new dwellings, industry, services and facilities, new ecological areas as part of the national ecological network (EHS), a 600ha lake that brings identity and quality to meerstad (“lakecity”), but also creates a necessary water buffer to protect the rest of the city from  flooding.Meerstad_eiland Meerstad_centrum

Meerstad_quai Meerstad_jetties Meerstad_wooneilandROLE

urban design for kcap architects and planners

in collaboration with a.o. bureau alle hosper landscape architects


ministerie van LNV
dienst landelijk gebied
provincie groningen
gemeente groningen
gemeente slochteren
bpf bouwinvest b.v.
waterschap hunze en aa’s
am grondbedrijf b.v.
koop holding
heijmans ibc vastgoedontwikkeling


Masterplan validated in 2005, under construction

Project published in Dutch Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, 2001/03

project&images © kcap/bureau alle hosper, schemes f.rossano for kcap
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