Garden Psychiatric Clinic Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern_alley  Kaiserslautern_overview  Kaiserslautern_pond This intimate hortus conclusus is beautifully located on a hillside, leaning against a small cliff of red sand stone covered by a typical pioneer vegetation. It is enclosed by two public buildings: a psychiatric cllinic and a residence for elderlies – the first challenge being to convince both users not to split the garden with a central fence. All parties instead agreed on opening the central stroke that streches from the cliff and shady wood to an open and sunny terrace, and leave the lawn, promenades and basin open to everyone. Alongside the buildings, hidden under a light cover of birch trees, smaller chambers are dedicated to specific users and therapeutic units. The garden eventually succeeds in offering a quiet and intimate space, and simultaneously unifies the complex into an open environment.


landscape design


Architektenpartner, frankfurt/main


design 2003, completion 2004-2005

project&images © rossano, utzmannKaiserslautern_spring