POPSU Metropoles : Strasbourg, harbour city and riverine metropolis (2018-2021)

This three-years research program explores the influence of harbour space, networks and functions on the development of the French metropolis of Strasbourg, or Eurométropole, located at the confluence of three river at the French-German border. The team led by Frédéric Rossano brings together three laboratories (AMUP, MRTE, LIVE) and the Association de prospective rhénane.
The project is part of the national programme POPSU Métropoles (Plateforme d’observation des projets et stratégies urbaines), a partnership between the governmental PUCA institute and fifteen French metropolises.


Flood protection strategies, in terms of absolute protection, would appear to be unattainable, and a shift is needed from technological intervention alone to complex and multiple answers. Water claims more space, and water management is evolving from a long-reserved technical domain towards a wider territorial issue involving cultural, economic, and ecological dimensions, one which calls for interdisciplinary answers. In this new and still evolving context, landscape architecture is becoming a key discipline, since spatial approaches are needed to find sustainable answers to flood risks. Following from the waterscape experiments conducted at the Institute of Landscape architecture since 2004, the research project “Floodscapes” was conducted by F. Rossano from 2012 to 2016 at the ETH ZURICH and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The research aimed at developing further the design tools, methods, and concepts needed to protect and value up the living environment in times of climate change. A book of the same title is now published by Nai010 Rotterdam for the English version and  Editions de la Villette for the French version.