WATERVIEW: first installation in Rotterdam

Waterview is a project conceived  to question the inhabitants of Dutch cities about their knowledge of water dynamics and flood safety. The first installation, designed with Rnul interactive and Marcel Goethals, was set in Rotterdam city center, close to the Schouwburgplein, and consisted in a float-line reflecting the actual level of the Maas river – a few hundred meters from and a few meters above the place of the installation.

A large part of the Netherlands is located below average sea level, this is basic knowledge for all Dutch citizens. But who in Rotterdam knows how deep he/she lives, works, shops, recreates? Who knows that the Maas fluctuates constantly, under the influence of rain and sea tides? And who knows what to do in case of major flood threat? This installation was made in order to get a better idea of what our fellow Rotterdammers know and think about water management, and to raise interest and awareness for issues that makes life possible in the Dutch polders – where we live and work.

This project was implemented with the support of the City of Rotterdam, and we look for further development soon!